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I’ve been dating this guy, and he’s great in so many ways, we really like eachother and he turns me on so much. But he has some issues with tip sensitivity, to the point he can’t even put it in because it’s so painful, can’t give him oral or anything either and he says he definitely wants it. I’m trying to be supportive but I also have needs. Has anyone experienced something similar?
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Has he been circumcised? I only ask because my husband had to get it done later in life because he started getting pain ... If he has been then I'm really sorry no advice other than to see a doctor! I hope you get everything sorted x

As said above, if not already circumcised it could be that. My partner was in agony by the age of 13 and had to have circumcision. He’s fine now! See a doc for sure

There are numbing creams he could try. It’ll help dull the sensitivity. He can also try different condoms as some may help with that as well.

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