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I just made my LO eggs toast and tomatoes for His breakfast he only eat the toast… is it just me or does anyone else’s LO do this? He goes through stages where he will eat most things then he doesn’t
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Yes mine does this! We went through a stage of wouldn't eat potatoes in any form, would only eat sausages lol. I think it just generally fluctuates. She's usually a good eater and will eat anything so generally if she's being fussy it's usually teeth or illness or she's learning something new

I find giving my babies the veg and protein first ensures they eat that then I give them some bread as otherwise they only eat the bread

Mine goes through stages like this too, or one day she’ll really enjoy something so I offer it again the next day or a few days later and she doesn’t touch it

You just worry don’t you if it’s normal like he barely touched his tuna and cheese sandwich fruit and soreen bar this afternoon for lunch, had a nap which I had to fight him for then he eat all his dinner, no wonder he must of been so hungry then his milk Before bed

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