Rash on inner thigh

Hey has anyone else experienced stitching on trousers even baggy ones cutting into your skin and leaving marks? I’ve now developed a bumpy rash on one of my inner thighs, thinking it’s chafing or where legs are getting hot sleeping on side? Any cream recommendations?
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I’ve always used sudocream but I think anything helps- try putting talcum powder where it rubs during the day x

Yeah I put sudocream on last night, great shout with the talc though didn’t think of that, thank you

@Charlotte I’ve suffered with “chub rub” my whole life the talc helps it slip and slide so it doesn’t chafe 😂🫣

I loved those anti chub shorts last year, no chance they’re gonna fit this year with bump.

This started happening to me last night! I thought it was bug bites!

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