Dating scan

So I’ve got my dating scsn today I’m 13 week 3 days I’m actually nervous as from 11 weeks all my symptoms have gone so so I’m hoping everything is okay with baby was anyone the same and baby was okay and kicking away💓
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@Melissa awe that’s good to know I hope it’s just where they say symptoms die down and it’s normal:( and cute! I don’t feel like I’m bloating much anymore not sure if I’m eating enough x

@Mia I have been exactly the same. I was off work from 8-11 weeks horrendous sickness couldn’t get out of bed. Had 12 week scan last week turned 13 weeks on Tuesday and all my symptoms disappeared I was so upset because I didn’t feel pregnant anymore. Glad I’m not alone with this

@Katie aww really🥺yeah I felt sick from 7-10 weeks and a whole other bunch of symptoms now I don’t even feel pregnant x

How did you get on today, Mia? X

@Jennifer baby was fine sliding around🥺🤣had its little hands on it’s head been given aspirin throughout pregnancy due date October 11 xx

@Mia spoke too soon the sickness is back 😞

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