April childcare changes

Hi, so does everyone need to provide their nursery with a code to confirm they get the free 15 hours of childcare or is it only for working parents? I’m on UC with my husband but he is classed as self employed, we currently get the free 15 hours for my 2 year old but in April will we also need to provide our nursery with a code? Just so confused with these new changes 🙃
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I believe the 15 hours funding your referring to is for working parents. If your already receiving 15 hours you won't get anymore. (Or atleast that's how I understand it). I have to renew my code every 3 months but only give it to the nursery once at the beginning.

That funding is different to the new code thing, I believe you only needed to provide one code at the beginning rather than every few months like the new funding x

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