Play time all the time?

Who sits and plays with their toddlers on the floor or at the table all the time? I feel so bad when im sat on the sofa catching up on socials or messaging my friends back. He hates me not playing with him!! What do you do with you toddies through out the day? Do you have a structure?
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She goes to nursery 3 days a week but a typical day when I'm off with her is: Wake: 7am 7-8: breakfast plus independent play with Duplo, mega blocks or anything else she can build while I have a coffee and check socials 8-9: get ready for the day 9am-11:30: leave house for a walk/soft play/swimming/park/toddler group/farm/shops 11:30-12 - prepare and eat lunch (I let her help me prep this) 12-12:30 - wind down ready for nap (singing/books) 12:30-2:30/3 - nap, during this time I spend an hour cleaning the house and setting up her afternoon activity then the rest of the time doing what I want to do (TV/scroll on phone/gaming) 2:30/3-5: afternoon snack and 2 episodes of whichever show she's into currently then afternoon messy play activity I do with her, playdoh/moon sand/washing animals etc 5-5:30: prepare dinner, she helps me chop/mix etc 5:30: dinner plus daddy's home 6-6:45: daddy gets the rest of her energy out, peekaboo, dancing, chasing, whatever else is making her laugh 6:45: get ready for bed

I do also spend 5-10 minutes here and there throughout the day on my phone but it's not all the time and if she wants my attention I put it down - really struggled with this last year so have made sure to put it down!

I don't play with her all the time, she does a lot of independent play but to be honest some times she would rather it that way. If she wants me to play she brings me toys. If she wants my attention she has it all, I put whatever I'm doing down and give her it. On an evening around 6 till about 7.30 me and her dad turn off TV, put phones down and we do play with her and her toys or whatever activity she wants to do x

I feel guilty for not playing with mine all the time too but there’s household jobs and bits I need to get done so it means during those times he’s either hanging off my leg whinging or playing 🤣 It’s good for them to learn to occupy themselves even if we feel huuuge mum guilt for it

From the beginning I've made sure our son has some independent play time, when he was a small baby that was just 5 minutes on his activity mat while I sat on the sofa to eat my breakfast. I think it's important that they are able to explore and play with themselves however it is equally important if not more to also have that adult play where you interact and show them how to play and talk together to give them all the vocab and understanding. I work in a school and nursery and I know the importance of play so I know it is good for them to be able to play independently without relying on an adult to play with them all the time. Just make sure that play time together you give him your full attention and the phone is down.

We go to classes/playgroups in the mornings then a bit of tv when he wakes from nap. In the afternoon we go for a walk/library/park. He helps me cook dinner or plays independently and then we play together for an hour before bath time. I try and watch tv or look at my phone ect when he’s asleep x

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