Which cycle?

Which cycle would you wash baby’s clothes in? A cotton wash is over 2 hours long 🥹 mixed is 1hr 50 and is for cotton and synthetics but 20 mins doesn’t seem clean 🤣 I usually just whack it on a mixed for my own clothes, thoughts?
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I have one on mine that is 1.5hrs it’s called daily wash but I change the temp to 40 for her clothes and 30 to mine&partners

I always tend to use eco on mine so would probably use the same for LO’s when I’m washing theirs. Not quite at the point yet but I imagine that’s the setting I’ll use 😛 xx

I've always just washed baby's clothes with our stuff so would probably go for the mixed cycle. Maybe the cotton one for anything really soiled!

I do the quick wash on my machine, but I would imagine that’s equivalent to your eco wash, so eco. Lol

I use mixed and at 40 for both our and our LO's clothes. I throw them all in together

Nice washer where did you get it from.

Delicates - which should be short (45 min) and around 30 degrees.

I wash mine and my sons clothes together in baby parent choice, laundry detergent with some fabric softener from Downey I’ve done that since the first load of clothes I ever had to do for him

I have the same machine and do my baby’s clothes on the Delicate setting which is about 55 mins

I also do all my washes on mixed 😅

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