Not drinking milk

My LG is refusing to drink any cows milk out of a cup whether it be warm or cold. This has been going on for a while and she will only take it out a bottle. I’ve been trying for ages as Ive been told she’s getting too old for a bottle now and don’t want to keep encouraging this. Not sure what to do to, has anyone else experienced this? She’ll drink water or squash out of a cup but just not milk :(
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Mine doesn’t drink cows milk either, unless it is with cereal, you can try that, I don’t really worry about that, you can also give her yogurts or cheese

Same position except breastfeeding. I’ve tried all sorts of bottles, cups, beakers. Warm/cold. She’s just not interested unless )like the above poster said) it’s in cereal. I just try to make sure she has plenty of dairy in other ways - porridge. cereal, yogurts, cheese etc. xxx

My LO will still only have milk out of bottle rather than a cup. I don’t really see an issue with it, he has a bottle when he wakes and just before bed. I do try now and then to give it in a cup but he’s not interested. Eventually he won’t be having any bottles and milk just in cereal etc so it’ll just naturally stop I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️

What cereals do you tend to give your little ones? Shes more into porridge or egg on toast but would be good for her to try other breakfasts with milk in @Laura @Gina

@Laura I think I’m seeing things on the NHS website about teeth health and things like that which is making me worry :/ I think I’m going to keep the evening bottle for now and see how she gets on with trying to add more milk into her diet xx

We only really do weetabix as he doesn’t like porridge, we have done rice crispies a few times but I don’t feel there that nutritious. Another option to get some dairy in is pancakes and yoghurt 😊

I’m not in a rush, I’d like her off the bottles by 2 so if she won’t drink it out of a cup by then I’ll just stop giving her it as a drink, that’s my hope anyway! I’ll swap to giving her a bowl of cereal before bed like I did with her big sister when she started refusing milk ☺️

@Jodie we do rice crisps, multigrain hoops from harvest morn, I get them from ALDIs , and also weetabix and porridge

@Jodie we do the same as what most have said - weetabix, porridge. Multigrain hoops/dinos (aldi) I just try vary which ones but most the time porridge is her preferred one and she eats the whole lot! Xx

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