Baby Brain🧠😵‍💫🤣

This morning I sprayed dry shampoo on my armpit instead of deodorant… the mess from the white spray was the only indicator I’d done it 😳😂 Please tell me other funny things your baby brain has made you do I need a laugh 🤭
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A few weeks ago I took my makeup off with nail varnish remover instead of my makeup remover…. I got halfway through my face before I thought the smell seemed incredibly strong and was wondering why my whole face was burning.🤣 It definitely did the job though.😅

I made a cup of coffee then ten minutes later forgot I’d made it and hastily put the cup away in the cupboard upside down (still 3/4 full) and spilt coffee everywhere 🙃

Tried to shave my legs with the shower window squeegee.. Poured orange juice on my cereal.. nearly gave my dog kettle water😂

If it makes you feel better…before I was pregnant I was washing one of my residents and I used his shaving foam as deodorant by accident🤣 what a mess

Today I forgot I drove manual, so on my way home I stalled my car twice from forgetting to change gears 🤪

The other day I was making a coffee, and instead of pouring the boiling water into my cup, I poured it into the coffee canister 🙃🙃

I’m cracking up at all of these stories 😭😂

@Olivia glad to be making people laugh😂😂

@Abbie Did you enjoy your extra large coffee? 😁

@Laurie I actually tried but it was like drinking a jug of espresso 😣 gutted 😂

I had a shower the other week, used my face wash on my vagina and my vagisil wash on my face 😅

I got ready and was rushing at a certain time for an appointment l had for 3pm thinking l have to drive myself. I went outside and looked for the car like a crazy woman and was confised as to where it was only to remember that my mom took the car and will be picking me up like we agreed 🤦🏽‍♀️

@Emily at least both are sensitive on skin 😩😂

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