Stupid partner

38 weeks & 6 days . I have prepared and done everything that needs to be done for baby arrival, the last thing on my left was to mop the house not the whole house just our room since this stupid partner of mine can't think of doing it . So today I woke up feeling okay to do it and while I'm at it this stupid man said if brushing and cleaning the house was the solution to my problem 😳 (I was in the hospital for scan bcoz they noticed baby growth had declined) I replied problem well I dnt have any problem and continued with what I need to do. Bottom line is I did this to myself and I can't wait for the day I will be free and out of this stupid partnership or relationship what so ever. I'm not even mad at him anymore bcoz I know he is full of shit 💩. I'm laughing at myself because I played myself / put myself in this mess because I was desperate to have a baby .
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It’s absurd he is blaming you for cleaning instead of picking it up himself. And he says “your problem”, like it is to not his baby involved 😣

@Lucia I have endured/ ignored even worse words.

@Esther 🤮

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