Is anyone else constantly worrying about babies development? My boy is almost 10 months, he’s crawling and taking supported steps but makes 0 babbling noises, apart from the odd ‘ah’ he makes no other sounds. We have our review next week and very anxious!
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I've got my LGs review on Friday, she babbles and talks quite a bit (not proper words just baba, dada, mama) and she sits really well but she only started rolling at 9months and only back to front and has no interest in crawling

Don’t worry! They all develop at their own pace. My daughter has her review in a couple of weeks. I was just looking at the questionnaire and she’s hardly doing any of the gross motor skills, but she can do all the fine motor skills and communication.

@Alisha my boys the exact same !x

Had my little girls review yesterday, shes 10 months. As long as they can see hes attempting to make sounds they dont worry as much, they’ll probably want to see him again in a couple months to see how he’s developing. I had my sons 2 year review the same day, and she told me, they like to give them as much time as possible to try develop the skills before they intervene.. xx

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