Booster seat for dining table recommendation

Hi my daughter is 15 months and hates the highchair she’s sitting at the table at nursery so thought I’d try a booster seat at the table. Those of you that use them which one would you recommend
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We use the Chicco booster seat which is great! Really simple, I always see them going for cheap on Marketplace but even brand new they aren't that expensive. And we just unclip it and take it with us if we go see family. It has a removable tray so when we are at home he's just up at the table but when we go to family and there's not enough room for example we just put his tray on and have him on the corner of the table if that makes sense. We've been using it since about 9 months and we love it c

We use the dreambaby booster seat.

@Betty that looks great!! Might have to get one

@Vicky honestly it's great. Easy to clean and carry around. We used it for a while just when we went out to family and he still had his highchair at home. But then he got sick and threw up all in his highchair so we used the Chicco at home whilst we were attempting to save the highchair and just never looked back!

Thank you. Walked into home bargins today and they had the fisher price one 12.99’ looks exactly the same as this one ( chicco) so brought that one so far so good

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