Spotting again and am taking progesterone

I just can't take this mental torture, I have started spotting again and I am so so scared about having to go through the worst again. I have an appointment at 11 with the epu so here we go again 😢
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Don't stress babe I keep getting Ive had so many scans now I've paid for, but every time everyone is fine. I've stopped letting it get to me, it stops and starts with little bits. 25% of women get it during pregnancy so don't stress xx

@Elizabeth i think because I lost the last baby which started with light brown and then got worse and worse I'm just expecting the same to happen, and then I am thinking well why am I still spotting when I am taking progesterone and then I just think this must be it then. Praying this scan is ok, just scared I'm going for too many as had to have one Sunday as well xxx

Well if you do have a miscarriage it usually happens in the first 24 hours after spotting starts, so don't stress yourself babe xx

How far along are you? X

Hey guys, so baby had a heart beat and was fine at this moment in time, but there was a blood sac by the baby which is apparently normal and should hopefully go, I am now scared that this means a miscarriage I don't understand where it would of come from

I am 8 weeks pregnant according to today's scan x

Ah fair I’ve heard about those blood sacs I’m pretty sure they have nothing to do with a mc and are no problem at all

I’ve spotted 3 times in a week 💔 it really is the most mentally draining thing. But everytime I’ve had a scan baby is fine. I’ve got a scan with EPU tomorrow and hoping baby is ok. I just don’t understand why I keep bleeding either. Xx

I’m on progesterone too and have been having this brown spotting on and off for week 5 and pretty much every wipe week 6. I have read progesterone can cause it but I am still really worried

They've found a chronic hematoma today on my scan, I am so scared but I just got to hope it goes away xxx

So progesterone can cause brown spotting? I’m 7w5d and just noticed this today

Hey, I had the same thing show up on my scan a couple of weeks ago. They said that the blood may either be absorbed by the body or id notice brownish discharge and it would find its way out. I know it’s really hard, but try not to worry and just look after yourself x

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