What food has everyone used first to wean their baby with? Do I skip the baby rice and go straight for veg? But what veg? Thanks
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Hiya lovely I started with baby porridge for a week and then moved on to veg, they say to use less sweet veg to begin with or they will always prefer sweet. I started with broccoli puree, pea puree and cauliflower puree for a week and now introduced carrot puree, parsnip puree and sweet potato puree. Next week I’m going to begin combining flavours with potato 🥰

Kendamil baby organic porridge 4-5 months and then veg. Started to introduce fruit and sweeter foods at 7 months x

Pumpkin and potatoes, suggested by GP and now baby loves them

If you ring the health visitors they run an Introducing Solids course which is very informative. The NHS website also has excellent information on weaning. We have used baby led weaning for our daughter and started her straight onto steamed bitter vegetables as finger foods.

@Alisha thank you x

@Chanel thank you x

Steak in strips to chew on. Didn’t necessarily eat it but got soo many nutrients from the steak juices

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