Storing baby's umbilical cord and stem cell

Hi ladies 💕 is anyone storing baby's umbilical cord and stem cell? I'm thinking whether to do as my friends have not done it. Thank you xxx
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Just one question to ask - Am I still able to wait until the cord stops pulsating before clamping and cutting so that my baby receives all the benefits of the stem cell blood at birth? x

@Tamara no, “cord blood” is really baby’s blood. One third of their blood complement is in the placenta at birth. When cord goes white they have received all of it 🫶

I’ve done it last month, with Cells4life, you can have delayed cord clamping with only one of their packages, it was alright, but I have three (well, now four) kids, and I wasn’t sure if my husband would be able to be with me due to the kids, and they told me no problem, you can do it on your own too! Errr…definitely no, thankfully my husband was with me, he had to constantly update/liaise with the phlebotomist, and then even arrange a collection (of the cord blood collection kit) right after birth. Xx

Yes, we just arranged it with Future Health.

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