Maternity jeans

Anyone wearing them yet my work jeans have ripped in the thighs and my high waist ones won’t even fasten ☹️😢
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I’m in leggings! Squatted down in a dress last week without thinking and the seam over my bum ripped right open - I had to have a jacket tied round my waist for the rest of the day 😳😅

I tried them, they're still huge on me, it's that annoying in between stage at the moment 😫 I got everything from shein. Not paying loads for something I'll wear a few times, but I wear scrubs for work so I'm in them most of the time too 🤷🏽‍♀️ x

@Rosie P I need jeans for work so annoying the struggle is real

I could of wrote this post 🫣😅 I think sizing up in a pair of cheap jeans is needed for now xx

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