Rocking in public?

Does anyone else find themself randomly rocking in public since having a baby? 😂 I literally stand in Tesco with my trolley rocking it backwards and forwards until I realise it’s not the pram!
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I rock the baby whenever I’m not holding the baby😅

Yes! We went out for food with friends, baby free, last week and I found myself constantly rocking like I was holding her 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️

Just me, cradling my parcel in the post office, rocking and swaying like a crazy woman 🙃

Same here lol

This is my second baby but honestly before having my second I still found myself doing it even though my toddler was 1.5/2 years old 😅 obvs a lot less frequently but still occasionally!

I find myself shushing when she’s not around! 😂

A lovely old gentleman saw my little girl in her pram today. After asking if he could look at her, I noticed he was rocking his trolly back and forth. He stood there a good 5 minutes rocking his trolly (he hadn't been beforehand)

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