Constant waking/feeding during night time

Hi all, I’m co sleeping with my baby that just turned 3mo old. I’m trying to establish a routine: bath at 9, feed (I’m combi feeding) and after that, sleep. So far so good. The past days he wakes up around 12ish. I’m feeding him again and then he wakes up at around 2. During the night I’m breastfeeding him only as he doesn’t eat much and most often he sleeps during the feed. However, he seems to sleep only for 30’-1h until he wakes up to feed again. That means that from 2am—9am I’m almost constantly awake. Obviously I’m desperate to find a solution as this has exhausted me. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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I wouldn’t even think about a routine as such at this stage. Some guidance is good but it won’t click at all until 5-6 months. And even then it changes based on so many things. When they teethe it changes, start weaning etc. download an app called Huckleberry. It helped me out a lot x

Thanks Chanel!

It sounds normal. I’m lucky if my LO goes an hour between feeds at night and my eldest was even worse. It’s tough but it gets better. Xx

Thanks Rebecca! It’s good to know that others have similar experiences and to re evaluate my expectations.. I saw many posts lately about “how my baby sleeps perfect in the night” and I really thought that there is something obvious that I’m doing wrong

Hey, That sounds so difficult! Maybe try these things: Seems like he falls asleep before he is full, so wakes up again for more, thats exactly what my baby did. Pop in to a breast feeding clinic for some advice, they were really helpful. Also, make sure he knows the difference between day and night, during the day lights on and then after 7/8pm keep low lighting and quiet. Bedtime routine sounds great. Another thing you can try is swaddle him and put him to sleep away from you, maybe your movement wakes him up? Some babies might sleep perfectly through the night, mine certainly does not. Try not to compare, they are all different and you’re doing the best you can mama ❤️ Hope something works for you and get some sleep 💕

Thanks Anita! These are great suggestions.

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