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Wanting to sign my LB upto some sort of class, like football or martial arts etc, do you think it’s to early? Something he can go to and let out some energy and learn a new skill, but I don’t want to feel like am forcing it onto him? Thoughts!!
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Martial arts dont tend to let them start until they are older.(in my area I haven't had any luck) Football things seem to be normal. I'm not into these clubs as I don't want my life taken over by child activities! But people seem to do it 🤷🏽‍♀️

My jan baby does football they mainly just run. Round kicking balls no pressure to do anything both my boys love it (aged 2 & 3) to plus they looks super cute in little kits 🥹 At this age there football session is 9:15-10 on a Saturday morning and cost £1 each a session I know this will be different for each group etc but my boys enjoy it so much

We do baby gymnastics its from 18 months onwards! They do beams, floor stuff, rings/swinging, jumping! X

Not too early for football They do classes from 18 months where I’m from im keen on starting him x

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