Baby stopped taking bottle feeds

Hi, my baby is 14 weeks since 3 days she is having frightening episodes with bottle. Everytime we position her in her regular feeding position she tends to cry/push her leg away/ turn her head away/refuses bottle. Baby doesn’t latch since birth and that is a whole different story, she has been having formula since birth. Since 9:30 pm yesterday she has had only 390mls of formula. This is stressing me out. Please suggest who has had episodes with bottle aversion.
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Do you have health visitor help line? I would contact them and see what they suggest x

Have you upped the bottle head size? If she’s still using the size she started with, she’s probably frustrated by the slow flow. I went through this recently with my daughter and that was the issue

i had this one month, from late 10 weeks till 14,15 weeks, we are now in 16 weeks and got better..i was desperate, were days when my little one only have 300,400 ml one helped me,neither HV , gp , osteopath..private paediatrician only diagnosed him with reflux but not sure if it’s from that.I know the feeling but will get better, for us was a long stressful phase..

@Vanesa thank you for sharing, how did it get better could you pls share. Did you change formula? Did your baby lose weight because of these? I am literally in tears all the time my baby is hungry but won’t take bottle 😢

I’m having this exact same problem!! Please message if you’d like to chat as I’ve and I’ve been tearing my hair out today, I’ve been so worried 😭 how old is your little one? Mine is 16 weeks tomorrow and this started on Monday and has got progressively worse. She’s frequently screaming and refusing the bottle. When I can get her to take it, she’ll have 60ml. Not sure if it’s teething, developmental, bottle aversion or what. I’m scared to encourage her too much as I don’t want to put her off the bottle all together, but I don’t know what else to do. I phoned the health visitor and they couldn’t offer much help, just to phone 111 if we stop having wet nappies. Bizarrely she’ll feed ok at night if we wake her. You could try that to make sure your little one is getting something? Other than that I’m afraid I have no wisdom as I’m really struggling too.

I have a silly suggestion that probably won’t work but won’t hurt to try. When my girl is really fussy at the bottle (usually due to overtired or something I can’t fix immediately), I bicycle kick her one leg really fast while attempting to get her to latch onto the bottle and as I feed her. She always takes the bottle when I do this. I got the idea cause she laughs when I bicycle kick her legs fast in sped up wheels on the bus song…

as soon it started..i changed formula as i thought that was the problem..then i made it worse as i constipated him and end up in A&E where they told me to not change it again. I was struggling in each position i tried to feed him was just screaming and kicking and turning head away. we still had wet nappys and i went to HV to weigh him and was still gaining weight so they said not to force him to drink. At GP and Hospital they kept telling me that the baby needs 800ml in 24 h and i was struggling to make him drink even half..Changed teats size..bottles..still nothing..after 2,3 weeks i started to have bottles ready as soon as he woke up i will literally feeding while he was laying down still just turned him on the was only position will drink and still is..very rarely he will have milk on different after 5 weeks it’s better but we are still not drinking 800 ml but definitely better..

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