Clingy baby

My 8 month old has recently became really clingy, I can't leave the room to go anywhere without her screaming, what usually causes this? what can I do to help this, it's driving me mad now having to take her everywhere with me Thanks
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It’s normal development unfortunately💛 they do get over it eventually but by that point they’ll probably be following you themselves haha

This is normal deleveopment for this age, she has learnt that she is separate from you! It does get better bits it’s draining when you’re in the middle of it! Xxx

@Chloe she has no interest in crawling at the moment, I try and help/encourage her but she moans when I guide her

It is normal for some baby’s. My friends daughter is like this, but me and my other friend who both have boys were not like this at all. I wouldn’t stress, and maybe try different routines if it is getting you down x

@Tegan she will get there! There’s no rush and I know it’s frustrating but it’s normal for this age 💛

It's just a phaze. My daughter went through this at about 1 year old. X

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