Hospital Bag question…

Mummas… how many sleepsuits and vests are you packing? And what sizes please? ✨ FTM here and just wanted to make sure I’ve not gone overboard or infact underboard 🙃
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I've gone with 3 different sized outfits and then I'll pack a few spare in an emergency bag in case I have to stay in

I’ve packed 3 newborn/first size sleepsuits and one 0-3 months. With my last I packed 2 newborn and 2 0-3 months, had to get my husband to bring more the next day as 0-3 was far too big for her but we went through the 2 newborn ones during the night as she was sick x

I’ve packed 3 newborn/first size and 3 0/3 months x

I’ve packed 6 vest and 6 sleep suits, mainly newborn but some 0-1 months. I have also packed some tiny baby clothes because my sister had some and gave them to me so though I may as well just in case

I think I have 3/4 day time outfits. 2/3 sleep outfits. All 0-3 I think. A few vests 0-1.

I’ve gone for 6 of each 2x newborn 2x up to 1 month 2x 0-3 Just have no idea how big he will be! X

I've packed 3x newborn sleepsuits & short sleeve bodysuits and 3x 0-3 sleepsuits and short sleeve bodysuits. Plus a coming home outfit in each size

So I’ve overpacked I’ve got x3 vests and baby grows in newborn, up to one month and 0-3. I’ve also brought with me a blanket, 2 hats, a going home and first outfits lol!! He has basically most of my bag 🤣

@Charlotte I’m in the same boat. X

@Bea I’m of the opinion aswell that if he’s sick or wees over anything, I have plenty of spares and it doesn’t really matter if I need to roll the arms up on the 0-3. Plus my other half will be able to come home and get more of a certain size should we need them if we have to stay in. 2 of each size seemed ideal to me 🤷🏼‍♀️

I've just packed 8 up to first size (10ibs) baby grows and 8 0-3 vests. Last time I packed 4 of each and it wasn't enough for the two days I was in so had to get my mum to bring more . Plus my baby weighed 8ibs 10oz and 0-3 baby grows hung off him so just went for first size this time

I've packed new born and 0-3 and about 5 of each. Also back up bag gonna leave in car..I'm sure it's prob too many but I'd rather have more

I’ve packed 4 outfits (vest & sleepsuit) then 2 cardigans and 2 hats. I went for all newborn size as my first was average sized baby and was swamped in 0-3. Blankets/swaddles too xx

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