Elective C Section

If you’ve had an elective section how was your experience? During and the recovery?
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Loved it. I was so nervous even cried on my way to theatre but thr team where so lovely. Baby was out quickly a but of pushing and shoving etc but then took longer to stich me up . Then went into to recovery and back to thr ward . It was so peaceful and calm. Recovery is hard for thr first week .couldn't get comfortable to sleep as if I lay on my side it did feel like my insides would fall out haha it was hard to sit to stand but it's best to move little and often etc to aid recovery. The worst part in the injections you have to give yourself but honestly I'm doing it all again this time because it's not that bad

@Emily aw thank you so much! I’m waiting for a phonecall today to tell me what day it’s happening! X

Any questions honestly just ask ro pm me . I'm having mine on the 15th

@Emily thankyou🥺x

I had an elective c-section at 39+2 weeks and would do that again 100%. My baby was out in minutes without stress/pain. I stayed in hospital for 2 days and walked home (a 10 minutes walk which took me 20 minutes holding my mums arm while my parent pushed the pram with our daughter.) The most difficult thing for me was passing urine after the operation, as my muscles were kind of blocked after the catheter removal. After a warm shower my muscles relaxed and I finally managed to pass urine.

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