Feel immune to the crying now

She cries most of the time when I put her down, so now I just feel immune to it. I’ll carry on pumping or finishing my dinner or whatever, saying “yes yes, I’ll get to you in just a moment”. If she starts the screamy crying then I feel bad and give her a cuddle, but the fussy crying just doesn’t phase me now. Is this normal? I feel like such a shitty mum sometimes, especially when someone comes over (mostly my mum) and they see me just not really react to her cries.
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Honestly I feel similar sometimes. My partner can't stand our little girl crying and gets really stressed as soon as she starts, but I'm much more chill about it now, I think because I'm alone with her all day there are times I HAVE to leave her cry so I can wee, get dressed, get myself a glass of water .....I don't leave her cry for long but sometimes you need to look after yourself and it may mean you can't get to them immediately, and I think once you've gotten used to that the crying in general doesn't effect you in the same way. My partner is always really shocked at how calm I am when she screams the house down in the evening and it makes me feel guilty, like I should be really effected by it, but because I've gotten used to it in the day I just can stay calm

@Emily yup that’s exactly me! Thank you, I’m glad I’m not alone

I’ve got 3 months old twins and it used to stress me incredibly when they cried even for 30 sec, I’d scream for my partner to come help me when he’s working but for the part week I’ve been more chill about it and I let them cry a little if I need to brush my teeth or warm up my food. It’s unavoidable they’ll cry so I try not to stress and go back to them when possible. You’re not alone x

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