Baby gender and I feel terrible!

Bit of back story my first baby was a boy but we lost him hours after birth. Im currently pregnant with my 4th and final baby. Everything felt so different this time I was almost convinced it was a little boy but I’m having my third girl. Baby is healthy and I am happy that they’re okay but I can’t help feeling upset and disappointed. I was so sure this might finally be my boy again. The chance I never got to have. I love the little baby growing inside me no matter what! I just feel really disheartened right now. I feel like a terrible mum for feeling this way.
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Gender disappointment is ok especially when you’ve been through what you have. You recognise your still love your baby regardless! I hope you are ok x

Thank you, I feel terrible about feeling this way I really do but I just can’t stop the heartbreak I feel. I do love this baby unconditionally already. I think it’s hitting harder because I know this is my final pregnancy as well xx

I had really bad gender disappointment with my baby I was convinced it was a girl, in my head it had to be as my mum was terminal whilst I was carrying and I wanted to give the baby her name. My little boy is 18 months old now and I’m so busy loving him I forget the gender disappointment. Your situation is so different but what’s meant for you will never pass you! your angel boy will have his arms wrapped around her. There’s so much support available too! If you need a chat I’m here xx

This is totally understandable, but just try and think how amazing it will be with 3 girls!!! I have no idea what I’m having, but always thought I wanted one of each but the more I think about it the more I know I couldn’t live without my sisters (I have 2) it’s such a great bond and it might be difficult while they’re children but when they’re adults they’ll always have each other!!!

Try thinking of it as no one could replace your baby boy you sadly lost he is your one and only boy❤️

Thank you all. I’ve spent the day with the news and really spent time enjoying my girls today reminding myself of how lucky I am. Lorcan will forever be my special and only boy 💙

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