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I’m 30 weeks and haven’t felt baby movement since this morning, however I’m at work and if I call triage I won’t be able to go till I finish the day. Should I call them anyway?
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Have something to eat and see if you can go somewhere to lie on your left side, or somewhere you can sit and relax, if you don’t get anything then call triage and leave your work don’t wait until end of the day if your worried. I usually don’t feel baby much during the day just morning and night because I’m on the go and it rocks them to sleep but you will know your usual patterns x

I'm 30 weeks too and often don't feel them until late morning, so I'm sure all is OK and they're just having a lie-in.. but yes try sitting still for a bit and try a cold drink or a sugary snack. Trust your gut if you're worried and your workplace will understand if you need to go and get things checked xx

Try drinking some really cold water too, if you still don’t feel anything by lunch time I would say call them and make them aware and then let them know what time you can get down there x

I had this the other night, I’m 30 weeks and 6 days. Turns out baby had hidden behind the placenta so I wouldn’t feel movement. I’d still call anyway, better to be safe than sorry xx

100% call triage of you would have normally felt them by now. You are allowed time off from work for maternity appointments and going to triage would be the same thing, they legally cant stop you ❤x

If nothing by lunch time ish just go in and sack work off - baby is probably fine but why delay. Just tell work the hospital want to discuss blood test results urgently

I would call the triage, however they have mentioned to me on midwife appointments. You probably don’t feel movement as you’re busy with work! But yeah have a cup of tea, then ice cold water as that normally works for me! But if you’re concerned like all of us would be, I would call them 😘

I would drink something cold and wait maybe half an hour. Then call triage and if they want to see you then tell the relevant manager etc. You're entitled to time off yes but you have to put yourself first and work can't tell you that you can't go. X

Also on your break for example try to sit somewhere super calm. Some babies are more prone to move when you are less busy, apparently.

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