Reduced movements

Does anyone know if you’d be induced if you went in for reduced movements at 37 (almost 38 weeks)? Baby just hasn’t been as active today as they have been Trying to avoid induction if I can but obviously baby’s health comes first!!
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It’s likely they will monitor you first before they jump to anything. But deffo go get checked

No they don't automatically induce you. Go for a movement check for reassurance. From there if they have any concerns they'll send you for a scan - but that's only if they're not happy with the level of movement. I went for 3 movement checks and every time I felt like I hadn't felt my Little girl move properly all day and was so scared, but then at the check she moved just enough for them to not be concerned. When I went the third time they offered me a scan for peace of mind because I'd been in multiple times, and because the scan was fine they just sent me home

If you’ve had a lot of reduced movements they might want to induce or do more regular monitoring but as with anything it’s your choice and you don’t have to!

Please get checked , i went to get checked at the hosp as movements slowed down i thought this was normal due to baby being bigger and no room at the end but i was wrong , the hosp monitored me up an told me i had stay there the night as they booked me to be reduced the next morning, my son came out with his cord wrapped around his neck told me im glad i came in when i did . Hope all goes well for u definitely get yaself checked over it’s probably nothing xx

you can always say no to induction, they probably will offer/ try to get you to be induced, but you can say no if you think there’s not a strong enough reason. definitely still get checked x

My son’s movements slowed before I went into labor. No induction needed

Yes, I understand. How often are you being seen at the doctor? It should be weekly? I

I would go get checked. At this stage it isn’t worth it. Babies don’t have sleepy days in the womb. X

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