Sympathy please 😂

I left the freezer door open all night and my entire drawer of breast milk defrosted. Had to ask my husband to pour it down the sink to chuck because if I did it, I’d have ripped someone’s head off. Nooooo 😭
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If it’s still got ice crystals in it you can put it back in the freezer! Xx

@Abigail it was room temperature 😭 I was less upset about the 3 drawers of prepped meals and meat I also had to throw away 😂

Oh bless you! That must have been so upsetting

That would break me. Big hugs x

Oh nooo! just for the future, you can use expired or undrinkable breast milk in baths so it doesn’t have to go to waste! X

Noooooooooooooooooo. Nightmare 😫

@Haseena I know, but not 20 bags lol and it doesn’t do a whole lot for my little one in the bath!

It's a lot of hard work to pump and freeze . Bless you mumma

You have my full sympathy, how annoying 😩

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