A question for Romanian/Eastern European Members

My husband (Romanian) and his entire family genuinely think that babies catch colds from “cold temperatures” now when I say cold … they think 15 degrees with a breeze is freezing. They insist on either wrapping the baby in so many layers or having the heating on in the house full blast. Because they “baby will get sick” is this a whole entire culture thing or just him and his family? It drives me mad! We went to visit them in Romania and they had the heating at 29 degrees in the house!! I quickly told them I wouldn’t be staying there with them at that temperature as it’s so dangerous.
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Hi, Romanian here. Firstly, sorry you have to go through this with your partner’s family. I would say it is both. Culturally speaking, I do think Romanians tend to believe that catching a cold is due to bad weather. I’d like to believe it is only older generations, but sometimes I am surprised by people my age. But not all families do that. 29C is a bit excessive, but sometimes when family/friends visit they might notice/complain if the thermostat is under 22C. Sometimes in the parks you will encounter your average grandma that “knows best” and yells at younger moms for not putting a beanie on their kid no matter what the weather is. We are both Romanians, soon to be parents, and every time the “bad/cold weather” comes up, we tell our parents this is not how you get sick 😁 But I feel your pain, if you wanna vent about it, I’m here 😊

@Florentina thank you so much for this makes me feel Sooo much better. We’re going for two weeks soon for her botez and I’m filled with dread. I want to be respectful and have a good relationship and I have some for 8 years but when it comes to my baby I have to do what I think is safe and they’re just so set in their ways and my husband sides with them a lot.

Ah sorry to hear he’s siding with them, that’s really unhelpful. If I were you, I would talk more to him and make him understand that some things are simply outdated and not backed by any data. No matter how much care, love, and experience the other family members have, the simple truth is that you two are the only ones that get to decide for your baby. And he needs to understand where you are coming from. With all the respect and love in the world. Maybe you can manage to get some quick and simple wins with him, and once the family sees that he is against their ways, they will also back off. I sometimes find myself unable to fight with my own parents on some sensitive stuff, but once my husband comes in and clearly explains our position, they back down 😁 It’s unfair, I know, but I just noticed this is what works with them… Enjoy the botez, I hope it all goes well!

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