Mild hip dysplasia

My baby girl is 11 months coming on 1 year, she had to get an x ray today to see if she was developing hip dysplasia and they said she was after the fact so they told me she needs a brace and I tried to stay positive like okay it’s only mild and she only has to wear it at night not too bad but then once I saw the brace it hit my heart a little and tonight we had to eventually put it on and she was crying the whole time and it broke my heart cause I couldn’t do anything to soothe her especially since she like sleeping on her backbut once again i tried to remind myself this is good for her it’s helping her and then we went to do the night time feed it’s my favorite cause she’s cuddly and ready for bed while she nurses and it just means the world to me. Especially since I started working and only get to see her so many hours I always look forward to the feeds cause it makes me feel close to her. But this nights feed wasn’t that at all. She was on her back stiff in her brace. And i wanted nothing more than to have our cuddles and cried cause I felt so disconnected to her. And then it made me think of how she’ll stop breastfeeding eventually and I just don’t want that either and tonight was just hard and wanted to get it out of my system maybe other moms can relate
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No advice on the brace but she’s only 11 months. You’ve likely still got a long long time of breastfeeding. Try and enjoy it in the moment rather than worrying about when it ends. My son is 4 in august and still feeds here and there 💖

They suspected it in my little guy when he was about 6 months old but ultra sounds were clear I’m not entirely convinced to be honest but took him for a reevaluation at a different doctor (we moved and I regret it) and they basically called me crazy She will adapt. You will too. I know it’s new and different but it will be second nature in no time and a memory 💙🩵

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