Hey, so my 11 month old son looks like he has now the start of eczema.. does anyone have any recommendations on good cream for this? Thank you!
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Goats milk moisturiser’ we got this for my little boy and it works wonders even on nappy rashes as well

Child’s farm sensitive moisturisers clears my little ones up really well. I also stopped putting stuff in her bath. X

Aveeno dermexa is the only cream to work on my little ones x

We have used all of creams from the doctors, steroid creams and natural creams and we are finding Lush ‘dream cream’ the best xx

Child’s farm has always been great for us. The sensitive one is good, and they also do an ‘oat’ range which is really nice, but pricey!

Weleda baby calendula works for my LO x

Aveeno dermexa has been great for my baby, it’s the only thing I can use now x

Same thing is happening to my daughter, she never had it before. It looks exactly like this and in the same area.. I’m so frustrated trying to find out what is causing this

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