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Has anyone had any luck with those sleep apps, I keep seeing adverts for different ones? Xx
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Napper worked for me straight away

I’ve heard good things about huckleberry!

We're using napper and it's good. It gets his nap times bang on but despite the fact that my LO has been having 35 minute naps for weeks it still thinks he's going to sleep for an hour or more

I use Huckleberry premium (sweet spot) which has helped me regarding sleeping time, however I now use it as a guide/reminder more than anything as I was putting too much pressure on him sleeping when he may not have been completely ready

@Lisa it does that for me too, and once I thought I’d trust it and try to put my LG back to sleep rather than picking her up … and she did go back to it … other times it hasn’t worked but most it has since 🤗

I use huckleberry and it’s helped a lot! Before I was just winging her naps and she was so grumpy and overtired which was making it even harder to get her down! But now the app tells me when the ideal time for each nap is and it’s always spot on! Plus you can track their night sleep etc She is still waking a lot in the night but it’s made day time naps a lot easier and she’s a lot less grumpy

Huckleberry is amazing! Definitely recommend it. I don't use it now as he's in a pattern but for the first month it was really helpful x

Another vote for huckleberry premium.. with the sweet spot, very accurate, and definitely helped us. 😊

I tried Huckleberry, didn’t like it. Tried Napper and love it

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