Difficult baby

Does anyone else find their little ones being so difficult the past month or two. I swear she’s just never happy, always whining or shouting, extremely clingy, not sleeping great. I’ve literally had to have the tv on all day to get some things done but that doesn’t even work anymore . So fed up I’m trying do my best with her but I have so much housework to do and cooking etc I live with my elderly nan and younger brother so it’s always a bloody mess and I feel so guilty I’m not spending proper time with her because by the time I’m done cleaning and cooking I’m knackered from the lack of sleep 😞😞😞😞
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Yep!! Last few months have been definitely got harder!

Stop cleaning. Let others pick up the slack, then you’ll get to spend more time with her and she probably won’t seem so clingy because your not trying to constantly get stuff done x

Yes we had a lovely month from about 9 months but since 10 months I'm just like what the feck is this 😭 she's so clingy and she's never been like this. She's started crying when anyone comes the house besides me her dad or sister. She cries if she falls, cries if she drops a toy, cries if she can't pick a toy up and has a full tantrum like throws herself back on the floor shaking her head and banging her legs I just watch her like this 🤯🤯🤯 then the next minute she's wanting a cuddle and pulling funny faces and laughing, honestly 😂😭

@Katie I agree with this, I said today I'm not doing anything at all besides tending to her needs like her meals etc and she's been much better. I'm not in the kitchen doing dishes or washing, or hoovering or mopping and she is coming to when she pleases (I'm bored doing nothing) but we have had 90% less kick offs today, only thing is I hope its a phase as I can't sit all day and do nothing, but for the meantime I will do all my jobs when she's in bed

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