does anyone else want another child?

does anyone else want a second child while they are still pregnant with their first?
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Nope! 👎 but our mind makes us forget the bad times.

Yeah, I am ND and one of the horrible things I do is try and plan forward constantly. I can’t appreciate the present out of excitement for the future. Already wondering how soon I can conceive after baby H as I plan on breastfeeding which can delay ovulation.

It’s a no from me! It’s been lovely and I can’t wait to meet this little bug but also looking forward to my body being my own again 😅

@Chloe haha Omg me too x

@Chloe i heard you can still get pregnant even when breast feeding so not sure. Hope that wont be an issue 😳

Yup I’m still breastfeeding and got pregnant, I wouldn’t rely on breastfeeding as contraception 😂 I have a 2 year old and definitely done after this!

@Lauren youve been breastfeeding for 2 years and then got pregnant? x

Yes, my period didn’t come back till I was about 17 months PP, but some people will find their cycles come back a lot earlier, so breastfeeding isn’t a reliable form of contraception. You can fall pregnant before having your first period, you just don’t know when your body is going to start ovulating again. I was about 21 months PP when I got pregnant again x

I said I was one and done in my first pregnancy, three weeks after her birth I said I wanted a second. She’s 16 months now, I’m also done being pregnant it feels like I’ve been pregnant forever 😂

@Chelsie didnt get that sorry haha. you got pregnant 3 weeks after giving birth? x

@Lauren probs not best for me to breast feed as i want to get pregnant 6 months after 😭

I think your period is more likely to return if you’re not feeding through the night, so if you combi fed that might help x

@Lauren thank u. ill probs feed for first few monthd to not feel selfish then formula feed xxx

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