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Hey everyone! Just looking for some advice, my mother in law is trying to argue that my son needs to be forward facing now as he has no room for his legs in her car (VW up) I told her I will be rear facing him until he’s atleast 4. I have the joie every stage car seat so I’m just wondering if anyone has the same one and is rear facing what position you have it in please if you have a smaller car? He is absolutely fine in my car which is a VW Touran. I have looked on the joie website but can’t seem to find much about the best positioning for rear facing. TIA x
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My little one has long let's. But she will be rear facing for a long time. Our car is small. She's fine. We do quite long journeys too. She's never told me she's uncomfortable. Stick to what you know.

You are right your MIL is wrong. Stand your ground 💪🏼 they just put their legs anywhere!

Your child your rules. Tell her if she wants to parent a toddler she’ll need to have another 🤣

We have the britax maxway plus as it was the most slimline RF one in my little golf. Show her some crash videos etc! And say FF they can die, RF just broken legs more likely. X

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