Swimming for the first time - tips?

I’m taking my LB to his first swimming class on Saturday, so excited for him but abit anxious in case he hates it 🤣 Just wondering those who have done swimming already how did you work your feeds? The swimming starts at 4- he usually has a bottle around this time (I can prob drag it out and give it him after around 4:30) but I don’t want him to be hungry, should I just give his bottle earlier? At 3? 3:15 ish or just give him a snack or something to tide him over as I know it says they need 30 mins before swimming after a bottle Any other tips also? I’ve got him a wet suit and a happy nappy as they suggest Thanks ☺️
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I would personally feed before if possible, make sure he's full and happy before swimming. Will definitely help him enjoy it more, if he's hungry, he might not be so happy about it. My little one is a massive water baby, always loved her baths, but the first time she got on the pool she clung to me for dear life till she got used to it. Just be encouraging, and excited and he'll feed off you. And lots and lots of cuddles. Xx

@Bekah thank you! Should I just give him a bottle or maybe just like porridge or something else? Just didn’t went to mess it up as then he’ll be hungrier earlier for his bedtime one

My best tip, take talc! Makes getting them dressed so much easier! After swimming they can be a bit sticky and especially with the humidity in the changing rooms, talc is more of an essential to me than the towel 😂 Also remember swim nappies don't hold pee... No one told me that at the start and there's me putting it on at home 😂

@Bobbie Wilson I wish we were allowed talc 😂😭 not allowed it in our changing rooms because of the mess it makes.

@Amy maybe bottle before then food after to get him through to bedtime?

@Bekah noo! I honestly couldn't do it without it 😂😂 baby would be getting changed in the car park 😂😂

Ahh I’ll take some talc and see if we are allowed to use it 🤣 We’ve been told to get him ready at home before, with a swim nappy then a happy nappy on top? Yeah I’ll do bottle then something after maybe ☺️ don’t want him upset for swimming 🙈

You can do a small feed before if it is early and then another one afterwards as they will probably be tuckered out and want a snooze anyway :) I would suggest changing into swim stuff before you leave if it is your first time. 1, because swim stuff can be a pain in the bum to get into without some practice, and 2, if you arent familiar with the changing facilities there you don't want to add to the stress of then putting swimming stuff and knowing how much time you need or where anything is etc. And just incase you weren't aware, happy nappies go over the top of a disposable swim nappy :) ive run into a few parents who didn't know that and had an embarrassing moment in the pool :)

I wore my swim stuff so I could easily get undressed. Also! I learnt from my first time 🙃 but I realised I had no where to put baby while I was sorting myself out getting dressed etc. the other mums had brought in their car seats to strap baby into! So that’s what I do now 😂 I also fed my LO 30 minutes before and made sure he’d had a nap at least 45 minutes before or he got tired and upset x

Thanks for everyone’s tips! I’m gonna prob do a little feed before then one after, and then I imagine he’ll probably sleep on the car drive home! Ahh I will take the car seat too! Lucky me partner is coming with me so we can take it in turns each class in the pool ☺️

I always do bottle before around 30 minutes before we set off and then he has some snacks afterwards because he’s always starving after a swim x

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