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Anyone else actually enjoy contact napping? I’ve been trying to wean my little boy off it in preparation for going back to work so he can nap well with grandparents and at nursery but I’m not very committed because I love the cuddles 🫣 I feel pressure to stop (from myself lol) but I also don’t want to. Maybe because I’m not really committed, he doesn’t nap properly in his cot and we have to finish it as a contact nap anyway!
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Me!! Every single day I say to myself I’ll try the cot or the pram today but it never happens but I think that’s because when I have tried to transfer her in the past she wakes up even if I try 30 mins after she has fallen asleep as soon as I put her in the pram or cot she wakes up maybe once or twice she has stayed asleep and id rather her have good naps tbh as she can have up to 1.5 hours with me but I feel the same as you I do need to start trying more to get her to nap on her own x

I love it ❤ and we co-sleep safely as well so sometimes we nap together and it's super nice 🥰 especially now that I'm pregnant again having a nap in the afternoon with my baby girl is actually a highlight of the day 😅

Yeah I don’t bother putting her down in the day we cuddle and nap together haha but she sleeps beautifully in her cot at night

All contact naps at 10 mo and I love every minute! She takes half an hour to put down and wakes 10 mins after transfer so any other way is just stressful and she becomes overtired and even more difficult to settle. With contact naps she sleeps longer, it was an adjustment at first but I now see it as my chill time to sit down and binge watch something. I don’t feel the slightest bit bad, it’s so normal for baby to want to be close to feel safe for sleep. They’re still so little and I’m cherishing the cuddles whilst she’s young enough to still want them 🥰

All contact naps at almost 9 months. I love it. Got to try wean her out of it before I start work though 😥

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