Baby refusing to drink water

My 8mo is doing so well with food but since starting BLW, he's very reluctant to take any water. I've tried it in an open cup, one of his bottles, squeezed an orange into it, even tried using his Calpol syringe to get it in but he keeps spitting it out. He's struggled a lot with digestion because of it and we wound up in hospital getting Lactoloose last week because of it. Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do to help them? He is currently teething so I'm wondering if that's got something to do with it too. TIA and picture of my little man so we don't get lost ❤️
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Just keep giving it to him. My toddler is 3 now, wouldn’t drink water . I just kept putting down different waters in front of him (ice water, cups with silly straws, water bottle) and eventually he got thirsty and drank it. Now everyday we have a juice (cut with water), and milk!

I had the same issue with my 7m old she got so constipated because of it. We always offered it in a training cup with a straw, and she would mostly chew and then suck water but get super confused about it. Then I had to follow up with water in her milk bottle and she took that very slowly. Eventually she realised what she needed to do and now drinks very well from her training cup but gets intimidated by the clear sippy cups. Keep offering in a sippy/open cup but maybe follow up with water in a milk bottle. If bub is used to warm feeds offer warm water. Also consider moving up a teat size to get used to water flow but in a controlled way. Oh and offer the sippy cup often, even if bub takes just one sip that's a win and he will get it eventually. Thirst is a powerful motivator.

I had the same 😞 I kept persevering with a sippy cup and she’s doing good now. In the meantime, I was giving watermelon in a fruit dummy after her meal and she loved it - would cry whilst I restocked it. My thinking was at least she was getting some fluid benefits.

It's so weird because on sites and asking the midwife how much water they should actually be drinking, there's no clear guidelines. Advice I got my lovely is just keep offering it, in different forms too, so fruit with lots of water content, soups, little sips here and there. It all adds up even if we can't see it x

Thank you all so much for your advice! I'll keep offering as often as possible in an open cup and follow up with water in a bottle. I'll also look into a fast teat for it too! I put some oranges in his fruit dummy today and that went down a treat so I'll try water melon too. Thank you all ❤️

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