Any recommendations for venue for small baby shower?

Has anyone booked or had a baby shower somewhere that accommodates small numbers? When I looked online a few places were quoting for 10-20+ people and really I would only want a really small thing, maybe 5 people? Thanks ☺️
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There are small private rooms in Odd fellows?

@Jess ahh fab thank you I haven’t looked there ☺️

I had mine at Oddfellows and it was gorgeous!

@Shannon ahh brilliant, was it an afternoon tea?

@Lizzie yeah afternoon tea and the food was really lovely! We had a few vegetarians including myself and i thought it was great and so did the meat eaters! My family took lots of decorations and bits for the table which they allowed. The staff were also great!

@Shannon oh that sounds lovely thank you

Oh yeah forgot to say I had mine there too. It was the Potting shed out the back which was lovely. I opted for Cream tea rather than afternoon tea, as it was a bargain and everyone could have two scones. (I also took loads home!) 😋

@Jess oh this sounds perfect! Thank you

@Jess we also took loads home!

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