Adult ADHD

For the adults that have ADHD.. how did you feel before being diagnosed? And what some of the signs you had? I feel like i gave it but some keep brushing it off as depression 😏 I have a 5 year old disgnoses with ADHD/ADD( complete set) and a 7 year old diagnoses woth ADHD. They had to get it from somewhere right? My little brother was also diagnosed when we was younger. I cant focus, i cant sit still sometimes. I would also be called the "lazy" one as i feel overstimulated to clean up sometimes. Like ill get it done but sometimes i just cant get up to do it. I have a hard time sleeping at night but then i sleep during the day. I only watch tv if its something that really interests me otherwise its on cartoons all day for thr kids. Oh and im SOOOOOO FORGETFUL. I feel like im mean most of the days n i try not to be. Like i yell, screem cuss the whole nine. My mood changes randomly especially when i feel overstimulated. Sometimes i feel like things are too loud & i get mad. Idk
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There's a lot to suggest it is hereditary. It also presents differently in women which is why it often doesn't get picked up in school. I definitely have it and got a diagnosis late last year, I'm definitely more attention deficit vs hyperactive and I think that contributed to falling through the cracks. It was a long route to get a diagnosis though and I was seeing a psychiatrist for a few months before I was able to be assessed. What you are describing does sound like it could be what you're dealing with. I think it becomes so much more obvious once you become a parent because your ways of coping no longer work. 😔

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