Mum friends in Ballymena

Hi lovely mums! I’ve just moved to Ballymena and looking to meet some mum friends in the area. Anyone up for a coffee and a walk ? 💙
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Hey Anna, I've just moved away from Ballymena unfortunately but there are some amazing baby classes that I went to if you want me to send you them? someone else posted the same area as you

Hi Anna! Im also Ballymena area! - are you in the sure start catchment area? Highly recommend going to some classes there! They do baby and toddler club aswell which would be a great place to meet some other mums too💙

Hi I'm not far up the road from you in limavady I'm almost a year new to the area too.i drive if you do too give me a message ☺️

I’m Ballymoney! Not too far from me😇

@Dervla hi Dervla, if you could send me info on baby classes that would be great! Xxx thank you

@Roisin hi Roisin! Oh I’m not sure if I am - I’m based in Galgorm. How do I find more info on the classes? Xxx

@Naomi perfect will do! Maybe when the weather is nicer we can grab a coffee and go for a walk ? Xxx

@Linda thanks for responding! Maybe when the weather is nicer we can grab a coffee and go for a walk ? Xxx

@Anna absolutely yes! By that time I should have this baby outa me hahaha!🙈

@Linda omg just noticed you’re due in May!!! Oh how exciting!!!!!!!! How are you keeping?? Xxx

@Anna they have a facebook page Ballymena & Little Steps antrim Sure Start! Worth giving them a message to see as its all free xx

@Roisin thank you! Will check it out x

@Anna I’m good!!! Getting close to my maternity leave so I am buzzing haha!! How are you keeping??

@Linda that’s great! Enjoy the beginning of your mat leave without your little one. I ended up having 3 weeks to myself because my baba decided to be a week late 🤣 put your feet up, watch some box sets and get ready for your little bean to come ❤️

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