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My sons 11 weeks tomorrow hates tummy time as soon as I put him on his tummy he cries so I don’t tend to put him on there for long. his unable to lift his head while on his tummy as he genuinely lays there crying and I’m wondering if he should be lifting his head by now? Any tips or advice would be amazing!!
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Does he lift his head or anything when he's on your chest?

I think he should be able to lift his head at least to some extent, you could try doing tummy time on your or your partner's chest. My boy doesn't cry this way.

@Dani yes and we can hold him and he’ll hold his head it’s just when on tummy time

@Kriszta Yes we do this too!

The only way I managed to get my LO to do tummy time was getting one of these pillows and only by chance did I find out when I went to a baby sensory room and she loved it. So not sure if this might be worth trying? https://amzn.eu/d/bCBqYVp

@Sibs thanks so muchhh!!!

My LB is 12 weeks and also absolutely hates tummy time! But he will lift his head on my chest, hold it if i him upright or if i put him in a seated position! My HV said to keep trying but not force him if he doesnt like it xx

@Roisin that’s exactly the same position I’m in here and I know we’re not suppose to compare babies but I get so worried his behind or I’m doing something wrong when others can do something mine can’t but thankyou so much I’ll just keep putting him down more often but for a short amount of time perhaps!

Yeh mine hates laying flat on her tummy just lays there flapping till I get her up but on the pillow she loves it. I got this mat too but she hates it at the moment not sure if it’s the material or the laying flat 🙈 hopefully when she’s a bit bigger she will like it more https://amzn.eu/d/dfegt2T

My baby absolutely hated tummy time as well. The only way I got her to do it is by either using a tummy time pillow or rolling a towel and putting it under her chest. When she’s on the pillow/towel I make sure to go down to her level and face her and try to distract her as much as possible with facial expressions, songs or noises

My daughter was same until 11 week, last week suddenly she started engaging and lifting head and doing now as well. I believe we started Tummy time position on lap couple of times then shifted to traditional tummy time.We got crawling crab from Amazon- she enjoy it a lot while doing tummy time. Was insta post on recommendation on it. Also, I put weight on her hips and use feeding pillow after tired.

Could you try tummy time on your chest, on your legs (baby lying on shins with legs in air at right angle), on a beach ball or yoga ball? My son will do tummy time on normal tummy time pillow, but prefers the Boppy pillow which supports him a bit better.

A tummy time pillow that’s how I got my LO to tolerate don’t know if somebody mentioned it already xx

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