I’m feeling quite a bit of resentment and irritation towards my boyfriend as he is being pretty negative about a possible career choice that I would like to try and pursue. I would really like to become a police officer, so I had attended a meeting at my local city hall on how to become one and once I came back home I could just see on his face and body energy that he was upset about it. He barely talked to me and didn’t touch me at all and just went to sleep. That was all at 8pm and it is now 2AM and he will not get up at all to feed or change our son and just leaving it all to me. I’m so upset and can feel a wall of resentment growing towards him😞 I want to feel loved and supported by him about my life choices, I feel so alone.
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Talk to him. Don’t assume or accuse. Just open the floor for him to speak to you about it.

I tried, he just kept saying no and that he doesn’t want me to pursue it. He then moved on to manipulating tactics, saying he’s gonna sign up for the army, swat, or become a firefighter. All I said was “Okay, I’ll support you through whatever you decide if you’re serious about it.” He didn’t say anything back

What does he do as a career? Or I guess what’s his reasoning? I guess I see the dangers in it but could it also be a success thing? I remember a couple years ago me and my partner were jumping off in our careers and I started a hair business of my own and he joined a sales team. He definitely was making more than me but sometimes I felt he didn’t wanna support me cause I was doing it on my own and finding success and he was working for someone… he should definitely be cheering you on specially because that’s a hard job and if you do get into the field your gonna need all the support you can from him.

He works facilities for his tribe(maintenance). His reasoning is that it’s dangerous but also mostly because he doesn’t like cops. But it’s like anytime I’ve tried to get a job there’s always been an argument/stupid reasoning to why he doesn’t want me working. But I’ve always struggled with finding a career that I’m actually interested in and now that I have finally found one I really feel like pursuing, I want him by my side and not to have tension about it. It sucks, I feel so alone and put down.

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