Sleepwear for baby in hospital

Hello, I am going to have my cesarean tomorrow and I'm wondering what sleepwear the baby will need? I have a lightweight swaddle and a couple of sleep bags, not sure what to bring? Thanks
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Vests, sleepsuits, hats and a couple light weight blankets.. the wards can be quite warm!

As above, we just had vests, sleepsuits a hat and blanket. It's warmer in hospital than you might think. Especially on the maternity ward.

I agree with the 2 comments above aswell 😊

I took heaps of baby clothes but it was so hot on the ward he just had nappy, singlet (vest) and then wrapped in a blanket. It was plenty! Super super hot on the maternity ward. I was dying the whole time I was there as I was way too hot

we used blankets in hospital x

Thank you!!

I came with a few onesies for her later on, but the hospital provided clothing, swaddles, and blankets. My room was freezing and I regret not bringing a robe lol

I brought the lightest tog stuff i had, hospitals are sooo hot! if you bring blankets, make sure they’re cellular so they’re breathable, but 1 tog sleeping bags and swaddles are good

We just took vests, sleepsuits and a cellular blanket. Our ward didn’t encourage sleeping bags or swaddles whilst in there as it was so warm and they wanted to be able to check baby’s skin and temp etc

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