Stalled symptoms

Has anyone has signs that labour is close which have suddenly vanished? I’m 39+3, list my mucus plug Tuesday night, felt twinges in my pelvis, more Braxton hicks, nausea, cramps on legs and mild cramps in my back which seem to have vanished as I feel ok this morning? Or am I just being impatient ? 🙈
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Same here. Last 2 nights had these symptoms, by morning, they've vanished. Feel like I'm going crazy 🤪.

@Lanny I’m hating this waiting game now! X

Yes I’m feeling the exact same!! Getting impatient now x

Same I’m feeling a bit crazy 😵‍💫

I had this from around 37 weeks went on for days, I was certain was giving birth before 38 weeks as had all the signs, then they all disappeared for a week then and had a very sudden start of labour- laboured for 5 hours and gave birth at 39+3It all happened so quickly x

@Olivia I hope this happens to me! 39 weeks and 2 days

Yep! Mine started last Tuesday at 39 weeks, lasted for 2 days and then went until last night (now 40 weeks).

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