In real life it’s not line eyes, but very very very faint. Flo app says I’m due on in 8 days but my cycles Vary from 23 to 33. My last cycle was 33 so this cycle could well be short and I may actually be closer to my period, this is clear blue 6 days before test. Am I going insane? 🤦🏼‍♀️
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I can see something! But also coulddd be the evaporation line, I’d try first response they were always super accurate. Also give it a couple more days (easier said than done 😩) and first wee of the day! Good luck 💖

Thank you, im going to go get first response in a bit x

If it appeared in the time frame, I’d say it’s positive!

Congratulations!!!!!! Definitely saying pregnant

Definitely looks like a positive test to me x

Couldn’t get first response so done to more clear blue and looks negative x

But it’s not your FMU, so it’s likely to come up negative as the line was faint anyway. Test again tomorrow with FMU.

What’s FMU?

First morning urine! Its stronger and less diluted so will show the hormones on a test clearer

First morning urine x

Thank you I’ve ordered some First response so I’ll test Sunday. X

I could overthinking it, but I’m praying that my wee this afternoon was just too dilated, as I’m looking back at the “positive” test and the line is the same width as the one in the other window. I thought Evap lines were more of a skinny streek x

It’s definitely a possibility 🙏

I know it’s almost impossible to wait but I’d wait until Sunday morning test with first wee of the day and then you’ll know for sure ❤️ got everything crossed for you

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