Help, Refusing to go into the crib

My 5 month old has slept in her crib overnight from the day she was brought home and never had any issues (I’m very anxious and won’t be able to co sleep) I thought we had started to come out of the sleep regression as we had 1/2 weeks of only waking up twice…. However the last 4 nights the baby point blank refuses to go into her crib and will only sleep on my chest. When I put her down for bed at around 7 she will stay down in her crib till about 12 and once she’s woken up that’s it, every time I try to put her back down into the crib she is in hysterics, however as soon as I pick her back up again she falls straight to sleep. I’ve left her on my chest for hours and she will stay asleep so I’m not sure if this issue is sleep regression or just wanting to sleep on me But I’m exhausted and can’t keep up like this, I’ve tried a comforter that I’ve slept with so she can smell me, this works maybe once in a night so I get an extra hour. I’ve tried to leave her in her crib for as long as I can to see if she will settle but this doesn’t work and I won’t do the cry it out method etc Has this happened to anyone else or has anyone got any advice?
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We’re going through the same thing with my baby who will be. 5 months in 2 days. We thought we got out of the sleep regression but it’s gotten worse recently, like you I can’t put him down without him getting upset. He needs to be held to settle and will wake up as soon as I put him down again in his crib. 😭 He has had a cold that appeared quite suddenly so I think it’s maybe due to that but it’s soo so exhausting. No advice but just to let you know you’re not alone!

Same here! He’s never been a good sleeper but at least he used to sleep in his next to me! Now wakes up every time we try to pit him down.

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