Is just me

Am I just being petty lol proberly am so I have a 2 and half year old and a 10 month old and supposed to be meeting up with my friend today at 11:30 I messaged this morning at 9am to see if she is still around to me up and a hour bit later no reply she doesn’t have any children and for me I hate it as I like to know what I am doing as I need sort my girls out to get them out the door I.e. naps and pack them a lunch as meeting for 11:30 so just before lunch time and pack bags get them dressed sort myself out and just want to know if it’s still happening but no reply 🤷‍♀️ becose if we are not meeting this morning I have bit more time and I will take the girls out after lunch instead lol is just me am I only one who like this as a mum lol
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Nope me too that’d piss me off

Ughh 😤 people don’t understand all the effort that goes into just getting ready to leave the house with children! I had a friend like this, would drive me nutssss

Thanks ladies not Just me then haha ! she got back to me and said 11:30 as planned lol I just like make sure it’s still happening epically when you haven’t heard since you arranged it lol x

I’d be annoyed too - other people don’t always understand the routines and prep etc that has to go into it.

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