Period after Breastfeeding

Hi - Just after a bit of advice please!! My LO is coming up to 16 months and I’m pretty much only breastfeeding at night now. Maybe 2-3 mins in the morning before the first nap but then not until bedtime and then 3 times through the night but I think this is just for comfort / potentially a habit because of teething. I’ve noticed that my discharge has really ramped up from dry and nothing to quite wet and sometimes slippery as if I’m ovulating. I didn’t think you could ovulate whilst breastfeeding or is this my body getting ready to start me off on the dreaded periods again? Slightly worried as I’ve not had a period now for like 2yrs 1 month but not sure if this is too long and something to be concerned about or not. Also in general have others found the first period to be awful afterwards? Not sure if this makes a difference but LO was via unplanned C-Section.
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I was one of the unlucky ones who got a period really quickly after emergency c section (about 11 weeks). Even though exclusively breastfeeding, so had hoped to go a bit longer - you can definitely ovulate while breastfeeding evidently! But for me it was no worse than my pre pregnancy periods. If you’re concerned you might want to give the GP a quick call though.

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