How long after a miscarriage until you got a negative test?

Hey girls just looking for some advice I miscarried last Wednesday at 5 weeks 1 day. I bled for about 1.5 days then the odd little bit for a few days after. I took a test 2 days ago, the same day I got my hcg checked with bloods and it was 27 (viable pregnancy would have been 3000 at this stage). I’ve got repeat bloods but since it’s been 48 hours I thought I’d check my FMU again and it’s the exact same as 2 days ago I haven’t had any tint bits of bleeding for at least 4 days. Just wondered how long it took for other peoples to go down when they were 5 weeks as I won’t ovulate again until it’s down! Thanks xxx
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Hiya, so sorry for your loss 💗 my loss was a little further on than you at 10 weeks, it took 1 month for my HCG to go completely down however I ovulated 2 weeks after the end of my miscarriage so you may well possibly ovulate like usual. Some ladies are delayed but if you’re tracking you can keep tabs on it. Best of luck & baby dust 😘

@Laura 🌻 hi Laura. Thanks very much for responding. So sorry for your loss also 🩷. Hope you’ve managed to progress with your pregnancy journey now xx Just thought it would have went down/be finished by now. Want to get back on the pregnancy journey asap! Best of luck to you too xx

@Natalie thank you that’s kind of you 💖 they do tell ladies to try and wait 1 cycle so your levels are down but you are free to try again as soon as you feel ready. Look at 2 weeks after the end of your bleed as potential ovulation. Lots of luck hun xxx

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